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Your Myrtle Beach Photography beach Session|777 Portraits Photography |Myrtle Beach, SC

Family Photographers in Myrtle Beach, SC top rated
A lot of families who vacation in Myrtle Beach often wonder how to book their family beach portraits session when they actually get to the Myrtle Beach area. There are so many people advertising as professional photographers in Myrtle Beach, and to be quite honest, there are only a handful that are licensed, and insured “full time” photographers. The word “professional” gets thrown around, and there are cases where some photographers have been taking pictures for a while but they just never seem to quite get it, or do not update their much outdated equipment, or skills. Then there are the other photographers that have it all together, and put out amazing work, and it shows….. in their pricing! Good grief have you seen some of these rates? It could be anywhere from $600 up to over $1000! I have heard one photographer tell a client” well you get what you pay for”! That is true, some of the time, however what if you could have better photography, for less money, and when I say better, I mean more experience, more raw talent, more quality product, and an all inclusive package without the up-sell, or resolution hold back. 777 Portraits Photography has been the leader in Myrtle Beach for 9 years in a row, and we don’t have to tell you about the “copycats”, and failed attempts to duplicate what we have going here. The simple answer is we look to the future, we want to be your regular Photographer in Myrtle Beach every time you visit the Myrtle Beach area.

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