So we get a lot of questions about our packages, even though there is no fine print, here is a list that might help make your decision a little easier.

777 Portraits Photography is still the #1 choice for families every year.

  • 1 Q: How many pics do we get?
  • A: The pics are unlimited. The amount of pics are determined on group size, and cooperation while we are posing you. We shoot continuously throughout the session, and our average is somewhere between 75-125, there are several other photographers advertising that they don’t shoot as many pics as us, and that is their way of saying “they are lazy, and refuse to give you the service that we will” . Beware of the “photographers at the beach tourist traps”. There are plenty of them. Our company is the only professional photography company in Myrtle Beach that gives you all pics “retouched” with a viewing site, and a “hi-res: data disc included at no extra fee. Unlike our competition, “WE DO NO CHARGE EXTRA FOR HI-RESOLUTION”
  • 2 Q: Do you come to where we are staying?
  • A: Yes, and no. We try to get as close to where you are staying without running into too much commercial “foot traffic”, or “photo bombers” . Nothing is worse than having that beautiful picture, and having a group of “photo bombers” in your background. We try to pick a secluded location, to give you that “clean” background effect.
  • 3 Q: What if it rains?
  • A: In the unfortunate event of rain(very common), the photographer will call you to reschedule for the next available session. We always try to book your shoot at the beginning of your vacation to allow for “rain days”, don’t “freak out” if it rains at the beginning of your day, it will usually pass, and give us a beautiful rainbow.
  • 4 Q: What size pictures can we print when we take our “Hi-Resolution” Data Disk to be processed?
  • A: You can print any size pic that you want. Most companies will try to “up-sell” their resolution. Our company would never sell integrity. Our closet competition sells the same package for 300.00 more than our professionals do, with nowhere near the service or experience.
  • 5 Q: Can we use the family beach portraits packages for our wedding?
  • A: Sorry, this is a different package. Wedding packages  can be selected from this page Wedding packages.
  • 6 Q: Are children, and/or dogs counted as people?
  • A: If you have 4 adults, and 5 children, then you have 9 people. Dogs are not people, and we do not charge for dogs(or cats, horses, etc.)
  • 7 Q: What is the cancellation/reschedule policy if you miss your appointment?
    A: A 75.00 fee is charged if you miss your beach portraits, and a 150.00 fee if you miss your “simple wedding”, or cancel(weddings are paid in full before the date of your wedding, and are non-refundable)
    There is absolutely no refund on last minute bookings whatsoever(within 3 weeks)
  • 8 Q: What colors should we wear.
  • A: contrary to what other photographers will tell you, “white” is not the best color for a top shirt” It’s actually “Black, or “Navy Blue” followed by “Tiffany Blue”, and then “Coral”. Do not wear “Neon colors” such as “Hot Pink”, Lime, or Mint Green, Blaze Orange, or yellow”.



Refund policy. No refund will be given on retainer/deposit if you cancel within 3 weeks before your shoot, OR LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS, or in the months of June, July, or August. If you have rain, we will reschedule for the next available day. We sell “blocks of time” , and do not charge sitting fees.You are required to show up, unless the photographer states otherwise. If it rains all week, then you are refunded. This is a beach its always windy, be prepared for it, and bring extra hairspray if you need to, because its not an excuse to reschedule unless its abnormally windy. We maintain a perfect feedback rating, and will protect it to the furthest extent of the law.Any false slander against our highly rated, and recommended company will be handled in open court. We have put years of hard work, and dedication to protecting our PERFECT RATING, and we always deliver what we say we are going to do.  We reserve the right to cancel without notice, or refuse service to anyone. Any extra fees are applied to original booking including tax, license, and service fees totaling approx. 15% during season.
We take fraud very seriously. If you are the type to complain about your service just to get a discount, or something for free, then be forewarned, our attorney will be contacting you, and if it turns out that the complaint is not legit, we will acquire a suit against you, and every legal member of your group. We hate to post this, but a few people ruin it for everyone. Our packages are the only of it’s type in America, and we only hire professional photographers, so there is never an issue with the quality of your pictures. Not every picture is going to be a winner. Sometimes people blink, or there is someone in your background, and that’s why we take several pics of the same pose, before moving on to a different pose. YOU ARE GUARANTEED AT LEAST 50 EXPOSURES PER SESSION.

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