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Myrtle Beach wedding services packages

We provide all Myrtle Beach wedding services. In addition to planning a Myrtle Beach wedding, to offering beach wedding decorations, wedding chairs, arches from bamboo, and iron, and arbors. Don’t get ripped off by the local wedding planners here in Myrtle Beach. Wedding planners in Myrtle Beach get paid for referring photographers, and venues. Planners mostly book what’s best for them, not what’s best for you. Not to mention wedding companies claiming to give you a preacher, and pics for a discounted rate! Choose the professional photographers in Myrtle Beach that actually care about you, and your wedding!

Myrtle Beach wedding packages

Select from some of the best packages that Myrtle Beach has to offer. In addition to the best wedding photography in Myrtle Beach, we provide all services. The wedding officiant is just one of our services that we offer. In addition, we also offer a DJ referral, wedding planner referral, and wedding venue referral.

Myrtle Beach wedding venues

We service every wedding venue in the Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach area. If you need a venue, we can suggest one for you. There are many plantations, and gardens in Myrtle Beach for venues. Several hotels, and resorts are already setup for weddings in Myrtle Beach. Most weddings in Myrtle Beach are performed on the sand of the beach. The reception area of your wedding can be at any location.

The big difference in Myrtle Beach wedding services

The big difference between our packages, and our competition is the fact that we are “professional photographers”. Compare our work to any other in town, and you will see what makes us different. Do not book an officiant that also practices amateur photography. There are several officiants in Myrtle Beach advertising photos at the end of your session. The huge disadvantage is that you have no ceremonial pictures. In addition, if they do give you a wedding photographer, they are not licensed professionals.



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