Debbie & Dave’s wedding! Grande Dunes Ocean Club |Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | 777 Portraits Photography

777 Portraits Photography | June 12, 2016

What a very friendly, and energetic couple! I had the privilege of shooting this wedding at the Grand Dunes Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach this weekend.  We had a reverse setup with the cocktail hour before the actual ceremony, and the wedding on the beach right in front of the resort.

The ceremony had a very beautiful theme, and the lighting couldn’t have been better, just before sunset, with a live guitar player playing the wedding march up music.

The reception was in the newly remodeled Grande Dunes Ocean Club  and hosted by the ever so helpful and lovely Samantha Huff who is always on top of things.

It’s always a pleasure to shoot a wedding here, and to Debbie, and Dave “congratulations” from 777 Portraits Photography 



Myrtle Beach wedding photography | Baywatch Resort | 777 Portraits Photography

Myrtle Beach wedding photographers

Myrtle beach wedding photography

Wedding photography at Baywatch resort  | 777 Portraits Photography

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Wedding photography with a touch of journalistic approach

Wedding photography with a touch of journalistic approach

Wedding photography with a touch of journalistic approach

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