The Myrtle Beach Photographer

The Myrtle Beach Photographer

Choosing The Myrtle Beach Photographer isn’t very easy. In fact you might be asking yourself, how do I choose? Google can help you but narrowing down the best person for the job requires research. In addition, look for experience, and professionalism. As well as a bona-fide licensed Myrtle Beach professional family photographer. Also check out reviews from real sites like Google, and facebook. Likewise avoid Yelp, yahoo, and Bing as they are secondary.

Myrtle Beach photographers

Myrtle Beach family portraits

We specialize in Myrtle Beach family portraits. The Myrtle Beach photographer is highly trained and must have more experience. In particular we see over a thousand families every year in Myrtle Beach for photos. In fact we are the top photography company in Myrtle Beach 10 years running. Our goal is to keep you coming back year after year. Most summer vacationers visit us once a year for pictures.

Do you need a wedding photographer?

We also specialize in Myrtle Beach wedding photography. Our Myrtle Beach wedding photographers have shot over 2000 weddings! To emphasize, we love photographing weddings in Myrtle Beach. The ability to have affordable beach wedding photography. In addition keeps the stress of planning a wedding at bay. The wedding packages on this site have several options.

Myrtle Beach wedding photography

Engagement photography in Myrtle Beach

Nobody does surprise proposals like 777 Portraits! We invented the sniper proposal, and have a pending trademark! Whether you are proposing alone, or with a large group, we have you covered. Your engagement photographer is trained to get the best shot! Likewise there is no room for errors from an inexperienced picture taker. Let the experienced engagement professional work for you!

Myrtle Beach engagement photography

The most affordable Portrait studio

The only true professional in Horry County with all inclusive packages. The time is what you’re paying for when it comes to photography. We include all of the retouched pictures from your Myrtle Beach photo session. Check out our photo packages by clicking here.



Myrtle Beach Senior portraits

Senior portraits anyone??

Myrtle Beach Senior Portraits

Please contact us before considering any other photographer for your Myrtle Beach senior Portraits session. We offer the best selection of senior photography packages in Myrtle Beach. Let our highly experienced Myrtle Beach photographers take your session exactly where you want it. Unlimited pictures, and poses for 30 minutes, and an hour! In addition to outfit changes right on the beach.

High school senior photography in Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach Senior Portraits

Yes we do senior portraits better than anyone in Myrtle Beach, and you get all of your pics from the photographer, not just some…ALL OF YOUR PICS COPYRIGHT FREE!!! You have the option of shooting at any of the parks in Myrtle Beach. Along with any of the beaches in Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach. Additionally we can do multiple locations for your photo session. The sky is the limit!

The best Myrtle Beach senior portraits company keeps getting better

If somebody told you that you wouldn’t have to shop around because they have already done it for you. Would you listen to them? Of course you would. We have shopped all of the equivalent photographers in Myrtle Beach. In addition, some of them even claiming to be the top senior photographers in Myrtle Beach. We can say with a shadow of a doubt that no other photographer in Myrtle Beach has the experience of our senior portraits photographers. In addition, our rates are half, and sometimes a third of what the ego driven professional photographers in Myrtle Beach charge.

Expect your high school senior photography session to be awesome

Our goal is to wow you with awesomeness! Anything short of that is unacceptable, and we will make sure your photo session is complete. We want you to have your pictures for a lifetime. These memories you make today will be with you from high school to college, and the rest of your life. Do yourself  a favor and hire the best photographer in Myrtle Beach, and put those extra dollars toward college!

Senior portraits

Senior portraits in Myrtle Beach

Senior portraits myrtle beach

Myrtle Beach senior Portrait photography

Senior portraits starting at only $199! Yes you can get a complete senior portraits package from the best senior portraits photography company in Myrtle Beach ever.