Myrtle Beach family and wedding photography

So we get a lot of questions about Myrtle Beach family and wedding photography. Additionally, even though there is no fine print, here is a list that might help make your decision a little easier.

Myrtle Beach family and wedding photography
Family pictures at the pier

777 Portraits Photography is still the #1 choice for families every year.

  • 1 Q: How many pics do we get?
  • A: The pics are unlimited. The amount of pics are determined on group size, and cooperation while we are posing your family. We shoot continuously throughout the session, and our average is somewhere between 75-125, there are several other photographers advertising that they don’t shoot as many pics as us, and that is their way of saying “they are lazy, and refuse to give you the service that we will” . Beware of the “photographers at the beach tourist traps”. There are plenty of them. Our company is the only professional photography company in Myrtle Beach that gives you all pics “retouched” with a viewing site, and a “hi-res: data disc included at no extra fee. Unlike our competition, “WE DO NO CHARGE EXTRA FOR HI-RESOLUTION”
  • 2 Q: Do you come to where we are staying?

  • A: Yes, and no. We try to get as close to where you are staying without running into too much commercial “foot traffic”, or “photo bombers” . Nothing is worse than having that beautiful picture, and having a group of “photo bombers” in your background. We try to pick a secluded location, to give you that “clean” background effect. Our Myrtle Beach family and wedding photography is geared to your convenience.
  • 3 Q: What if it rains?

  • A: In the unfortunate event of rain(very common), the photographer will call you to reschedule for the next available session. We always try to book your shoot at the beginning of your vacation to allow for “rain days”, don’t “freak out” if it rains at the beginning of your day, it will usually pass, and give us a beautiful rainbow.
  • 4 Q: Full size pictures can be printed when we take the “Hi-Resolution” Data files to be processed?

  • A: You can print any size pic that you want. Most companies will try to “up-sell” their resolution. Our company would never sell integrity. Our closet competition sells the same package for 600.00 more than our professionals do, with nowhere near the service or experience.
  • 5 Q: Can we use the family beach portraits packages for our wedding?

  • A: Sorry, this is a different package. Wedding packages  can be selected from this page Wedding packages.
  • 6 Q: Are children, and/or dogs counted as people?

  • A: If you have 4 adults, and 5 children, then you have 9 people. Dogs are not people, and we do not charge for dogs(or cats, horses, etc.)
  • 7 Q: What is the cancellation/reschedule policy if you miss your appointment?

    A:No refund will be given for cancellations within 12 weeks before the session. Furthermore in the months of June, July, or August. In the rare event that refund is given for cancellation, there will be a 75.00 cancellation fee. This applies to bookings at any time. We are sorry but if we take the time to sell it, and you cancel, you will pay for the time. )Nevertheless, ”If you have rain, we will reschedule for the next available day. You are required to show up, unless the photographer states otherwise. Seasonal allergies will not be considered for cancellation. If it rains all week, then you are refunded. If you refuse to cooperate, and are being difficult we have the right to state our opinion about your actions.

  • 8 Q: What colors should we wear.

  • A: contrary to what other photographers will tell you, “white” is not the best color for a top shirt” It’s actually “Pastels, or “Navy Blue” followed by “Tiffany Blue”, and then “Coral”. Do not wear “Neon colors” such as “Hot Pink”, Lime, or Mint Green, Blaze Orange, or yellow”.
  • Frequent asked questions for family beach portraits

    1. What color do we wear? Try to keep it “beachy”. Pastels work great. Tiffany blue, teal, navy, khaki and white etc. Absolutely no neon, or any green, or red whatsoever. Hot pink, Orange, or yellow is a big no-no. Keep it simple, and classy. Try to somewhat match.
    2. What about our hairstyle with the wind? Do not go to the salon the day of your session! It’s a waste of time, energy, and money. Either wear an “up-do”, or tons of product because you’re gonna need it! Additionally it’s always windy at the beach. Just a fact of Mother Nature.

    Simple rules for your photo session

    • The first rule is have fun, and relax. Leave the negativity behind, and no sour attitudes. Any disrespect or unwillingness to cooperate with the photographer will result in immediate cancellation of your session, and forfeiture of your retainer. Yes this is absolutely necessary that we state this. We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect towards our professional photographers. We are people just like you. There is no question, we love people, and we are passionate about family photography, and we are honored that our portraits are displayed in over 20,000 homes across America.
    • The photographer is in charge. Let the photographer do their job. Yes, you may have ideas, and may think yours are better. You hired us, let us do our thing! There is a reason we pose the way we do. We are the busiest, and most experienced photographers at the beach. After the poses, the photographer will ask you if you have any suggestions. We will get that shot for you.
    • No cell phones, or cameras. You have plenty of time at the beach for your own selfies, and amateur photo sessions. This is not one of those times. Any cell phones (or cameras) out during the session will result in a verbal warning, and then a cancellation, and forfeiture of your retainer.
    • Do not show up late for your session. If your session is scheduled for 6pm, your time starts at 6pm. If you miss your session, you will be required to reschedule for the next day, and be charged an additional $75 reschedule fee. Please pay attention to the photographers map directions. There is a difference between Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach. Both cities have a North , and South section.
    • Last minute photo session bookings. Yes we take last minute bookings. There is no cancellations whatsoever for any session booked within 7 days of your session regardless of excuse.  Please bear with us because we are accommodating you and your family. We move our schedules around to squeeze you in because we want to serve you and earn your business. Just keep that in mind please.




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