The Myrtle Beach Photographer

The Myrtle Beach Photographer

Choosing The Myrtle Beach Photographer isn’t very easy. In fact you might be asking yourself, how do I choose? Google can help you but narrowing down the best person for the job requires research. In addition, look for experience, and professionalism. As well as a bona-fide licensed Myrtle Beach professional family photographer. Also check out reviews from real sites like Google, and facebook. Likewise avoid Yelp, yahoo, and Bing as they are secondary.

Myrtle Beach photographers

Myrtle Beach family portraits

We specialize in Myrtle Beach family portraits. The Myrtle Beach photographer is highly trained and must have more experience. In particular we see over a thousand families every year in Myrtle Beach for photos. In fact we are the top photography company in Myrtle Beach 10 years running. Our goal is to keep you coming back year after year. Most summer vacationers visit us once a year for pictures.

Do you need a wedding photographer?

We also specialize in Myrtle Beach wedding photography. Our Myrtle Beach wedding photographers have shot over 2000 weddings! To emphasize, we love photographing weddings in Myrtle Beach. The ability to have affordable beach wedding photography. In addition keeps the stress of planning a wedding at bay. The wedding packages on this site have several options.

Myrtle Beach wedding photography

Engagement photography in Myrtle Beach

Nobody does surprise proposals like 777 Portraits! We invented the sniper proposal, and have a pending trademark! Whether you are proposing alone, or with a large group, we have you covered. Your engagement photographer is trained to get the best shot! Likewise there is no room for errors from an inexperienced picture taker. Let the experienced engagement professional work for you!

Myrtle Beach engagement photography

The most affordable Portrait studio

The only true professional in Horry County with all inclusive packages. The time is what you’re paying for when it comes to photography. We include all of the retouched pictures from your Myrtle Beach photo session. Check out our photo packages by clicking here.



Newlywed’s Chris & Mary Lambright |The Winds Resort Beach Club | Ocean Isle Beach, NC| 777 Portraits Photography

Chris & Mary getting married in Ocean Isle Beach

777 Portraits Photography | March 7, 2017

Chris and Mary got married in beautiful Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina! The Winds Resort Beach Club was the perfect venue for these two lovebirds! After months of planning they decided on the Winds Resort Beach Club, and they also decided on the lead photographers from the top photography company in the Ocean Isle Myrtle Beach area!

A beautiful wedding in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

It doesn’t matter the time of year, as long as you are on the beach, it’s always a great time. Weddings on the beach are beautiful, and natural. A wedding photographer always jumps at the chance to capture a wedding on the beach.

Venue – The Winds Resort Beach Club

Photography – 777 Portraits Photography

Photography company – Ocean Isle Beach Photography




Debbie & Dave’s wedding! Grande Dunes Ocean Club |Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | 777 Portraits Photography

777 Portraits Photography | June 12, 2016

What a very friendly, and energetic couple! I had the privilege of shooting this wedding at the Grand Dunes Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach this weekend.  We had a reverse setup with the cocktail hour before the actual ceremony, and the wedding on the beach right in front of the resort.

The ceremony had a very beautiful theme, and the lighting couldn’t have been better, just before sunset, with a live guitar player playing the wedding march up music.

The reception was in the newly remodeled Grande Dunes Ocean Club  and hosted by the ever so helpful and lovely Samantha Huff who is always on top of things.

It’s always a pleasure to shoot a wedding here, and to Debbie, and Dave “congratulations” from 777 Portraits Photography 



Myrtle Beach wedding photography

Myrtle Beach Wedding Photography
Myrtle Beach Wedding Photography
Myrtle Beach Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in Myrtle Beach

We specialize in Myrtle Beach Photography. Whether it’s family photography, or wedding photography you can rest assured that you are hiring the most experienced, and highest rated photographers in Myrtle Beach.

Our wedding photography service starts at only $299! Yes you are reading this correctly. We are the only “professional” photography company in Myrtle Beach with a rate such as this.

Myrtle Beach wedding photography | Baywatch Resort | 777 Portraits Photography

Myrtle Beach wedding photographers

Myrtle beach wedding photography

Wedding photography at Baywatch resort  | 777 Portraits Photography

Myrtle Beach wedding photography like this is now affordable. You deserve a local professional wedding photographer that you can trust with your pictures, and we will take very good care of you from start to finish.

What else does 777 Portraits offer?

We now offer “FULL WEDDING PACKAGES” with decorations, beach chairs, wedding arch/arbor, and officiants to conduct your wedding. We are your 1 stop wedding shop!  The difference between our packages, and our competition is we offer “professional wedding photography”. Call us for details at 843-957-2755

Wedding Photography booking is easier than you thought.

Yes it is easy, and we based our packages on that. We eliminate the hassle of having to negotiate, or look through hours of other photographers pictures, and portfolios. We did all of the research for you. Why pay 3-4 times as much for less product, and service? Our packages are not only affordable but they are priced at the rate that wedding photography in Myrtle Beach should cost. Yes we are the top photographers in Myrtle Beach,and yes we have the most affordable packages in Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach.It’s a win, win situation for everyone.

“Still the Best” Professional Myrtle Beach wedding photography at unbeatable rates!

Myrtle Beach wedding photography by 777 Portraits

Myrtle Beach wedding photography by 777 Portraits

777 Portraits Photography | March 8, 2017

Our photographers in Myrtle Beach have been consistently rated “the best” by our customers! We invite you to call us with your wedding photography questions anytime. We are here to help you with every step, from “venue” suggestions, ceremony sites, preachers, officiants, and of course some of the best photography rates that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

Wedding photography to take your breath away!

wedding photography to take your breath away in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach wedding photography

Our photographers can custom edit your pics like this color splash example, call for details 843-957-2755

Wedding photography with a touch of journalistic approach

Wedding photography with a touch of journalistic approach

Wedding photography with a touch of journalistic approach

Yes we get all of those little shots you want to see years after the wedding.

Only the best in Myrtle Beach wedding photography

The best in Myrtle Beach wedding photography

The best in Myrtle Beach wedding photography

It has to be the best service at the best rate, and it has to be 777 portraits every time!