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The Haynie Family | Garden City South Carolina | 777 Portraits Photography

777 Portraits | July 1, 2016

The Haynie family had the pleasure of visiting Myrtle Beach, specifically Garden city South Carolina. They contacted us to book their family beach portraits, and we of course were honored.

It was a very large group, over 70 people, but Skyler managed to capture the moment with his trusted Canon camera. With over 7 years of training Skyler was able to swiftly move the entire group starting with the large 70 member gathering, and then breaking them down into immediate families, then couples, kids, individuals, and candid shots.

All of the sessions done by Skyler, and the staff at 777 Portraits Photography include unlimited pics, poses, change of outfits, and any suggestions by our guests until time runs out. Skyler captures the pics of over 200 families per year, and is one of the top 5 photographers in Myrtle Beach.



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